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fashi0nistuh's Journal

26 August

–noun a very fashionable person, esp. one who works in the fashion industry.
1990–95; fashion + It or Sp -ista -ist

i am kristen. i am 26 years young. i have two children.. malachi is four, kamilah is three months [four on nov. 16!] i am a perfectionist.. i am obsessive.. i have massive anxiety issues. i am a liberal democrat. i am intolerant of intolerance. i love black people! lol.. but really i do.. i am a former pothead. an avid non-drinker. i do not smoke cigarettes. food is my passion.. and ironically enough, i've struggled with an eating disorder for nearly fifteen years. i love God.. he is my strength + my savior, and i spread HIS word for all to hear, everyday. i believe in ghosts. i believe in aliens. i believe the end is near and there's nothing we can do about it. i am not single. i am in love + i believe in fairy tales. i'm an advocate, and i love to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. i'm a good friend. you can depend on me. i like to help people with their relationships. i have no idea what i wanna be 'when i grow up'. i am unemployed on unemployment [god bless america, right?] i am addicted to blogging. i love to rant online. i love intelligent conversation + debates. i LOVE music. especially hip hop. and i know my shit too. i don't listen to garbage. i love being girly, and i love to smell good. i have a big bootie + a pretty smile.

my children are bi-racial. therefore i have no tolerance for racism. i receive it from every angle, from every type of person. and all i can say is. HELLO PEOPLE!??! Jesus wasn't white!!! things make me sad everyday. i love animals, and seeing them hurt saddens me.. seeing an old man eating alone makes me sad. seeing a homeless person makes me sad. my heart is sensitive, and it is a gift and a curse.

other words to describe ME are: in love, happy, intelligent, caring, funny, spontaneous, impulsive, neat freak, MOMMY, well spoken, a cynic, imaginative, interesting, a genius, paranoid, suspicious of 'the man', a believer in conspiracies, depressed, a psychologist's field day, sensitive, worry wart, late to my own funeral, breeder of beautiful babies. shop a holic, love haute couture, runway fashion, and avant garde.


my layout was found at layout_lounge and was done by sireesanwar


, alexander mcqueen, animal rights, anti bush, anti conservative, anti death penalty, anti ed, anxiety, audrey hepburn, babies, baby clothes, baking, barack obama, beauty, being a mommy, bette davis, binge eater, binge eating, biracial, black, blogging, butterflies, charity, children, children's rights, chinese food, christianity, civil rights, clothes, cnn, coach, compulsive eater, cooking, cornbread, cosmopolitans, couture, csi, culinary arts, curvaceous, curvy, democracy, democrat, depression, driving, eating, eating disorder, ed recovery, equality, facebook, fat, fiction, food, freckles, fruit, fusion food, giving, god, grocery shopping, haute couture, healing, helping, high fashion, high heels, higher power, hip hop, holistic healing, holistic medicine, homemaker, hugs, humanity, icons, interior design, interracial, jesus, journaling, kindness, kissing, kissing in the rain, law & order, layouts, legalize marijuana, liberal, lip gloss, love, margaritas, marilyn monroe, medicaid, medicinal marijuana, mexican food, michelle obama, michigan, movie theatres, movies, music, nancy grace, ncis, new age healing, nonfiction, obsessed, outdoors, photography, pictures, pink, politics, popcorn, post partum depression, prada, prayer, pro-choice, psychology, purses, r&b, reading, religion, restaraunts, romance, runway fashion, scenery, self esteem, self image, sensitivity, shoes, shopping, smiles, soul food, spicy food, spirituality, stay at home mom, stilettos, sunsets, surveys, television, tennis shoes, tequila, thanksgiving, the 80s, understanding, vegetables, versace, vh1 reality, welfare, women's rights, writing