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18 November 2009 @ 08:50 pm
so tonight terrell and i are gonna drink a little. it's his night off so we're just gonna chill together (cuz at night i miss him so bad) and i am just loving it. especially when he gets all cuddly with me + kisses my forehead.. i just feel very loved by him right now. and maybe he's become a bit more sensitive, now that he's seeing that the ED is more serious than we all initially thought.. but whatever it is, i thank God for his love and affection.

one thing i will say is that i am ready to be married. i am 26 years old, with two children. i am ready for him to ask me to be his wife. i told him we could do our own wedding and it wouldn't cost all that much. maybe a few hundred (not include dress+tux, etc) or we could even get married at the courthouse (outside of it is very pretty + there is a gazebo and such) or something just to keep it simple. i always wanted a big fabulous wedding but i'm being realistic now, and i don't have parents to pay for a wedding, so i just need to do what i can. and that's okay with me.

in february we are moving out of our apartment. our lease runs up.. and i hate it here so i gotta go. it's like these people tell you when you can and can't wipe your own ass. my neighbor is a stupid psycho bitch who likes to peek out her miniblinds and then come outside like 'can you guys please tell the people walking by to be quiet?' like wtf do i look like, the guardian of Riverside?? like seriously she is lame as hell and she's part of the reason i want out of here. the other part is just the ghetto-ness and that people have no respect + don't know how to act. ugh so we're starting to look for houses. hope all goes well.

anyway.. not a whole whole lot to say tonight. i'm gonna go get tipsy with my baby and maybe go to bed early tonight (early bedtime means no bingeing!!) sooooo goodnight my lj friends <3

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