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15 November 2009 @ 05:19 am
two words: bad. night.  
it's late as hell. i shouldn't even be up right now. but i am fuming and usually getting it all down makes me feel better. i can't even believe tonight went down like it did. everything seemed pretty normal. my friend was in my apartment complex.. and like, she was out there and i was awake.. so i was chatting with her outside and then some dude comes up to this chick like 'come here ****' and grabbed her by the back of her neck. so of course, people were like 'what the hell are you doing' etc, etc. well my friend is a pretty outspoken girl, and really, she has the right to say that. i'm not saying she wasn't saying anything bogus.. but i am saying that at no time, doesn't justify, putting your hands on her, and then proceeding to pull his belt out, struck her 4 or 5 good times. did enough damage to have left multiple welts on her back, in addition to cuts and blood on her knuckles. so like.. why is it that people would be rude + talk shit because she called the police? like.. wouldn't you call the police if someone did that to your daughter? yeah, probably.

but no.. people are being all patronizing.. people are talking shit. and i am pissed. i can't believe, first of all, that no one would have ran up and tried to stop him. i mean, eventually, someone did stop him.. but it took as long as it took him to get about four good licks on her.. and i was trying to help her into my apartment while he was doing that to her. hell, i was scared to shut the screen door cuz i thought he could have maybe hit me. NOT cool.

dude deserves no respect and he deserves to go to jail. PERIOD.

i'm exhausted. i will write more later.
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